[ Links ] = Quality Viewing On The Web

[ 1 ] = Angelfire
The host of this site.

[ 2 ] = Capcom, Arika
Capcom develops the best games on the planet. If you don't know the name Capcom, leave this site.

[ 3 ] = SNK, Playmore, Eolith, Sun
After a brief scare SNK has returned, although in somewhat fragmented form. SNK creations like Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown, The King Of Fighters, and Metal Slug have stood second only to Capcom's titles throughout time. If you don't know SNK, you should.

[ 4 ] = Sega
Another important figure in the gaming industry, Sega is not only the creator of the Virtua Fighter and Fighting Vipers series, but also the designer of the Chihiro, Triforce, Naomi2, and Naomi hardwares. In addition, Sega's own arcades are the best in Japan.

[ 5 ] = Sony
Capcom, Psikyo, and Takumi designed games on Sony's diversely compatible PlayStation and PlayStation2 hardwares. The ZN1, ZN2, and System 246 are among the many widely developed for Sony compatible hardwares.

[ 6 ] = Takumi
This developer produces some of the best shooting games in the industry, including the amazing Mars Matrix, Giga Wing, and Night Raid titles.

[ 7 ] = Psikyo
The creator of the stellar Strikers 1945 series, Gunbird, Zero Gunner, and a whole lot of cool mahjong games.

[ 8 ] = Konami
Another developer that has had its head in the game for a while, Konami brought us the goodness of Gradius, Contra, Parodius, Castlevania, Metal Gear, and a ton of other fun series.

[ 9 ] = Cave
This unpopular developer is the creator of some of the most creative and innovative shooters out there, with Ketsui,, Guwange, and DoDonPachi Dai Ou Jou among the many. Click the link to see why this developer has a cult following.

[ 10 ] = Taito
Creator of old-school shooters like Fire Mustang, Sky Shark, and Darius, Taito also pushes on with past titles like RayStorm and RayCrisis, as well as recent titles like XII Stag, Border Down, and Psyvariar. Taito also has some of the best arcades in Japan.

[ 11 ] = Irem
Known for creating the insanely hard R-Type shooters, Irem also made a few other shooters like In The Hunt and Gallop.

[ 12 ] = Treasure
This developer holds the title for having the most overpriced titles under its belt. Treasure is the maker of shooters like Ikaruga, Bangaio, and Radiant Silvergun, as well as action games like Silouhette Mirage, Gunstar Heroes, and Mischief Makers.

[ 13 ] = Seibu
Yet another old school developer, Seibu gave us the many entries of the Raiden series, and hopefully many more in the future.

[ 14 ] = Tecmo
Dead Or Alive comes to mind when I think of Tecmo.

[ 15 ] = Visco
Not known for fighters or shooters, Visco impresses with the Breakers series, as well as a cool shooter that I forgot the name of.

[ 16 ] = Sammy
Another company not known for fighters, Sammy/Arc System Works released Guilty Gear upon the masses.

[ 17 ] = Arcadia
The best Japanese gaming magazine. Click the link and get a subscription.

[ 18 ] = MadMan's Cafe
Lots of rare news from Japan.

[ 19 ] = The Magic Box
Lots of current gaming news straight from Japan.

[ 20 ] = Shmups mk2
Tons of information on shooting games of all sorts.

[ 21 ] = CP-Systems2 Turbo
This site rocks. Lots of cool official Capcom artwork, some screenshots, game lists, and much more.

[ 22 ] = Shoryuken
This site is where almost all who play fighting games gather mostly to post on the huge message board.

[ 23 ] = Joker Jun
Artist of Batsugun.

[ 24 ] = Equal Vision
The Hope Conspiracy

[ 25 ] = Victory Records
Hardcore home of bands like Buried Alive, Earth Crisis, Atreyu, SHUTDOWN, and Thursday.

[ 26 ] = Indecision Records
Home of Bleeding Through, Adamantium, Throwdown, and Eighteen Visions.

[ 27 ] = deftones
Metal from Sacto.

[ 28 ] = eBay
Though I have an eBay buying habit no prevention program could cure, eBay is, religiously speaking, a "Godsend."

The best site on the massive, information-filled, porn-ridden operation we affectionately refer to as 'The Internet.'

A terrible site on a great server.

[ 31 ] = Most Precious Blood
Indecision is gone, but will never be forgotten...

[ Credits ] = In The End

[ Special Thanks ] = Family
Mom and Grandpa; the support is everything to me.

[ Thanks ] = Friends And Those Of Importance
hose who have supported me: Dave H (I can't thank you enough), Dave A, and Chris. Francisco (where are you man?), Devin, and Andre, for putting up with me. RB; 'no worries.' Harris in Boulder, sorry I don't see you much, but you live so far away! Yimkit (thank you so much; your generosity is highly appreciated), Mike K. (for playing SF with me and re-introducing me to the deadliness of throws in SFIIT), Tigs (for playing Strikers 1945 II until we literally got sick), Jemma (your inspiration will always live in my heart), Steve Brown (the things you told me were right, and your teaching is great), Professor Smith (thank you for the encouragement and understanding), CMM (for helping with the AVSP screenshots), Adam H. (for countless rounds of CVSS2EO), John (for bringing the Grief), Evanich (for letting me rip apart your CVSS2EO). Thanks also go to everyone who has helped me out, and to any who I forgot; I appreciate everything. Sincere thanks go to Angelfire for giving me the space needed to keep this site running. Thanks go to the Angelfire staff.

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In addition to the mentioned design tools, this site was created with inspirational help from Terror, Buried Alive (R.I.P.), Despair, The Hope Conspiracy, Earth Crisis, Poison The Well, Hatebreed, Nora, Every Time I Die, Kid Gorgeous, Grade, Hopesfall, American Nightmare (aka Give Up The Ghost), Adamantium (R.I.P.), Throwdown, Drowningman (R.I.P.), SHUTDOWN, Indecision (rest in peace), Candiria, Straight Faced, Union 13, Deftones, Shai Hulud, Sick Of It All, BoySetsFire, Dead - Reforce, Lawdeal, X Floors Up, Darkest Hour, Fallen Altar, and GlassJaw.

[ No Thanks ] = Please Die
No respect to the assholes who nearly got me killed. I will always hate you motherfuckers for everything you did and 'stand' for. Someday your karma will catch up with you. With people like you, our society will continue to deteriorate, spiraling out of control, sending what's left into a wasteland of obliterated ambitions and dreams. People like you back-stabbing rats make me fucking sick. Human life and differences should be respected and understood, not considered an egotistical value for you motherfuckers to have a profitable means out of.