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[ Final Fight One ] = Tricks

As mentioned briefly in the Final Fight One article on this site, Capcom tweaked several aspects of Final Fight in the development of Final Fight One, and in the process they added a few tricks and secrets that weren't in the original Final Fight. While some of the tricks in Final Fight One are straightforward (like unlocking characters and colors), there are also a few tricks in the game that can be be classified as glitches. This collection of tricks for Final Fight One also serve as even more proof that it is not the exact same game as Final Fight (for those who still think the opposite).

[ Trick ] = Alpha Guy
Unlocking Alpha Guy is the most important of the all the tricks in Final Fight One. Doing the trick allows you to play as Guy from Street Fighter Alpha. Alpha Guy destroys. Just sit back and watch as Alpha Guy demolishes legions of Mad Gear thugs and reduces bosses to waste. To pilot the killing machine Alpha Guy, just defeat 50 enemies. After filling the quota for Mad Gear deaths, on the character select screen, move the cursor to Haggar and press right. From there, you should be taken to a character select screen with Alpha Guy unlocked. Although the Alpha character select screen can be accessed before unlocking Alpha Guy (or Alpha Cody), fulfilling the point requirements actually unlock the Alpha characters.

[ Trick ] = Alpha Cody
Cody from the Street Fighter Alpha series also made it to Final Fight One, and thankfully without some of the cheap shit he had in Street Fighter Alpha 3. While it's not among my top three favorite tricks in Final Fight One, this should please Cody fans, or those who just want more characters to play. Why Capcom made the point quota for unlocking Alpha Cody more than that of unlocking Alpha Guy, we can only wonder, but Alpha Cody is unlocked after 500 Mad Gear minions are defeated. Choosing Alpha Cody is similar to that of the method of Alpha Guy; on Haggar's portrait, just scroll right to access the Alpha character select screen. Alpha Cody is a bit stronger than Cody, but his reach seems to be shorter; especially when attacking with the knife.

[ Trick ] = Health Dog [sic]
This trick wasn't in the original Final Fight (or Final Fight CD), and is my second favorite trick in Final Fight One. The Health Dog trick allows you to essentially gain back any life that has been lost; although it replenishes your lifebar and has no limit in the amount of times it can be used, the trick does not grant extra lives. This is probably one of the most useful tricks in the game; however, it can only be performed in the fourth (Bay Area) stage. To find the trick, first note the barking (but mute) white dog that is seen periodically in the background throughout the Bay Area stage. After destroying the dirty restroom area, and after a pile tires, the white dog should be somewhere near (barking his head off as always). Walk up to the barking dog in the background, then walk straight up and down; he'll give you some life back! It has been said that the dog will give you life back, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot; this is inaccurate. Actually, as stated before, the trick has no limit in the amount of times it can be used; the catch is that while walking up and down to gain life, you have to find the spot where life can be continuously regained even while standing still. To find the spot, start from the top (in front of the dog), walk to the bottom of the screen, and then take small steps up (toward the dog) until you reach a spot where you are regaining life; if you stop on the spot and you continue to regain life while standing still, you've found it. If your lifebar shows only a small increase in energy, keep taking small steps up toward the dog to find it. Finding the actual continuous replenishment spot takes a bit of testing to find. A fountain of youth? No, it's the health dog! In fact, the trick even works while fighting enemies; if you are standing on the spot of continuous replenishment while being attacked, you cannot be killed (unless you are hit by an attack knocks you into to air, off the spot)! What a good dog!

[ Trick ] = Colors
Like in many other Capcom fighting games, Final Fight One also features different colors for each character to sport. To unlock a collection of handsome colors, fill the quota of defeating 1300 opponents. This is my third favorite trick in Final Fight One; the cast of Final Fight never looked better! Check the screenshots here and see for yourself!

[ Trick ] = Hidden Items
In Final Fight there were several spots throughout the last stage where hidden items could be found, and Capcom carried them over to Final Fight One. The first spot is at the end of the second section (with palm trees in the background) of the stage; after a short bout with Hollywood, Slash, and Two P., the game will prompt you to "Go" forward, but don't go yet. Instead, walk slowly forward along the bottom half of the screen while pressing punch, and you'll notice that behind the short wall there are 3 - 4 hidden point items! The second spot is in the fourth section of the stage, in the area of pillars (with a purple sky in the background) before the chandelier rooms; in the pillar area, items (health and point) can be found behind each of the pillars. Finding them might take a bit of slow walking and punching, as in the previous area with hidden items. Grab the items and get ready to destroy!

[ Trick ] = Easy Items?
Although I haven't been able to get this trick to work 100% of the time (maybe I made a mistake?), sometimes it works. Said to also be in Final Fight, this trick is supposed to increase the chance of getting point items (as opposed to nothing) out of destroyed barrels and crates. To try it, first walk up to a barrel or crate, turn your back to it, then turn back quickly and strike. It is said that this trick increases the likelihood of receiving point items such that every barrel or crate can contain a point item of some sort (gems, ring, hat, radio, etc.). If I can get this trick to work 100% of the time, I will update this page...

[ Trick ] = Subway Warp?
Due to directions too vague and too few, the warp said to be in the second stage (Subway) is the only trick I haven't yet been able to perform. Another trick exclusive to Final Fight One, the subway warp trick is said to warp the player to the third stage. To try it, first note the two barrels at the beginning of the second stage (Subway); choose one of the two barrels, but instead of destroying it, hurry up and jump on top of top of it and wait until time runs out. Supposedly, after the timer runs out, and you will be warped to the third stage. But again, due to vague directions on exactly where in the second stage and what barrel to perform the trick on, I have yet to get this one to work. As with the item trick, I will update this page if I can confirm the trick to work.

[ Glitch ] = Mad Gear Sorcery
Not in the original Final Fight (or Final Fight CD as far as I know), there is an enemy placement glitch at the beginning of the second section of the second stage (Subway). In Final Fight One, as well as previous entries in the series, enemies usually come onto the screen by walking, running, or by flying out of nowhere (El Gado, Hollywood, Andore) off screen and into the fray. In other words, enemies don't just appear out of nowhere when they come to fight. However, there is a Two P. that appears out of nowhere on the lower left side of the screen at the beginning of the second part (on the train) of the second stage. Often getting in a good few hits on those of beginner status, the magically-appearing Two P. on the train in the second stage is a bastard. Because of this enemy placement glitch, that particular area of the game is a fucking deathtrap; depending on when the other thugs decide to wake up, the area can turn into trouble if he is not dealt with right after he appears. This is probably the worse of the few glitches in Final Fight One, due to its potential to ruin just about anyone's day.

[ Glitch ] = Abigail Raises The Roof Like Nobody I Ever Seen
Only a small glitch compared to the Two P. glitch above, this one is almost funny when it occurs. First, to get the glitch to work, you have to be fighting the fourth stage (Bay Area) boss Abigail with more than one of the other enemies present. When fighting Abigail, sometimes he'll go into his "raise" hold move without grabbing you while you're being hit by the other enemies. Why is this a glitch? Because Abigail's "raise" move is a throw-only move; his two other moves are actual hit moves, so technically the "raise" move is only supposed to come out when he can actually land the grab to throw. Unless of course, Capcom made it a "miss" frame...

[ Glitch ] = Hollywood Flame Hit
Similar to the Abigail glitch, the Hollywood flame hit glitch is somewhat of a funny rare occurrence that will not leave you in livid anger (like the Two P. glitch). While fighting against the fire-weilding versions of Hollywood, sometimes a brief glitch will occur where they'll take hits from your character and catch fire simultaneously; this is a glitch because normally a hit cannot connect when an enemy is on fire.