[ Writer ] = BAD
[ 12/02/01 ] = A Rotting Corpse

Today I'll let the fuckers at EGM and rest; I've got some words for PSM magazine instead. Ok, granted I don't think Capcom VS SNK 2 is the best Capcom fighter, but it's pretty close. Just look at the game, and you'll see how much time the developers really put into it. Amazing isn't it? A fucking work of art to say the least. The characters look beautiful with tons of animation, the stages look nice, and the various fighting styles make it a successful mix of not only two clans of characters, but also different gameplay styles of various titles. Lately, since the game is finally reaching the many, I've been hearing claims that it is the best fighting game ever, the best 2-D fighting game ever, and that it is nothing short of a "godsend" in every aspect. While this is generous, and pleasant on the ears, Street Fighter Alpha 3 Saikyo Dojo is still the best fighter in my book, looking at every angle possible. Anyway, we've got some that fail to realize not only the insane amount of work that went into this game, but the uniqueness of fighting games in general.

I was scanning the magazine rack at my local grocery store a few days ago, hoping to find an issue of the new Tips & Tricks, but had no luck so instead proceeded to read the garbage that is PSM magazine (yes, I know the 'M' in 'PSM' stands for 'magazine', but clarification is golden). Knowing that the magazine is complete and utter fucking garbage, I still proceeded to check out what they had in this month's issue of misleading and un-educated material. After thumbing through several chapters of bullshit, I came across something interesting: a Capcom VS SNK 2 review. So, I thought "let's check this shit out, see what they have to say, see if anything has changed." Fuck. Where do they find these editors? Where do they find (and continue to find over and over again) these bastard-ass motherfuckers who don't know anything about fighting games, but rate them like they do? No, I'm not bitter because the fucker gave it a shit score, I'm irritated by the fact that this jerk had the nerve to even compare older Capcom and SNK fighters. How the fuck can they bring up SNK fighters when a magazine like theirs hasn't even paid respect to SNK's fighters on the import PlayStation (considering that the magazine does not cover Saturn games)? Maybe I was lucky to see a KOF '99 review, and I don't know if they even talked about KOF '98 or Samurai Shodown IV when they were released in Japan; and what about The Last Blade, or Real Bout Fatal Fury Special Dominated Mind? Yeah, none of these were given any respect by this trash magazine before, and they have the tendancy to judge CVSS2 from something they have never payed tribute to in the first place? I wanted to rip the fucking piece of garbage into shreds and spit on it for the shit I read in that review of CVSS2. No, I wasn't looking for a perfect review, nor was I looking for an SFA3SD reference; I was looking for a fair review. When a mag like Gamefan or GameGo! says something similar, it's different; they're not a staff made up of half-wit jerks who haven't even played or reviewed the games they compare. At least the more respectable magazines have editors that actually play or have played games on more than one system, and they have previewed or reviewed the older SNK or Capcom games to go with it. Look at PSM, they didn't even like Sega until they announced their PS2 developing plans, and then look how their pages praised the Dremcast they once scorned; what a fucking joke. Don't light my fuse...

Absolutely fucking amazing. Did the 'reviewer' even play the game, or did he just pick Ryu, play one round, then decide instead to play a 'real' game like Spyro? PSM has some nice covers to their mags, but within the pages are complete garbage; but they're serious when it comes to paying faithfulness to one-player games. What were they thinking? The only redeeming social value of this shit magazine is their artwork; for such a shit magazine, they have decent artwork. Would you really like to ruin someone's X-mas holiday? Get them a subscribtion to PSM and watch them chew the cover and spit it at your face while they tell you what a 'friend' you really are. Did this happen to enrage anyone else? Was anyone else appalled by the fact that they were throwing rocks from their glass house when they wrote the review and let it pass? Just like a lot of the fuckers in the scene now, they try too much to be hardcore...trying to rate a game based on a classic series, or a series that supposedly defines hardcore gaming. Can anyone tell me if they ever reviewed any KOF game that did not come out in the states? Shit, can anyone tell me if they reviewed even the SNK games that did come out in the states? These jerks are shaping the industry's standard of what a 'good' game is, and it does not fucking look pretty, I'll tell you that much. This is not the happy joy bus ride. Am I bitter? Am I out of control? You're right, I am disgruntled; illustrators put time into games like CVSS2, and what do they get in return for even considering to release the games in America? Well, they get collections of Billy-Wal-Mart assholes who have no clue about how much it takes to make a game that is hand-drawn with so much animation. Do I hate 3-D games? No, that's not what I am saying, but the next time Spyro gets a better score than a Capcom or SNK fighter, maybe you'll know what I am talking about. Instead of respecting the game as a piece of art, they spit in the artist's face and give a bad name to good 3-D games. I'll get more into this later, but these 'I started being hardcore when the PlayStation came out' reviewers gotta go; we gotta get them the fuck out of our magazines and back into the Wal-Mart electronics department where they belong.